We keep on our toes when it comes to performance!

The following details show the amazing diversity in the foundation bitch Miquette (pronounced Muh-ket).

She has earned so many beautiful ribbons and awards, we are running out of space to put them all!

Disc Dog Events

Miquette's favorite sport is catching a frisbee. We took the sport from backyard toss-and-catch to a competition level.

She is a superb athlete and has placed in many competitions including the first one we attended.

We compete mostly with Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Cattle Dogs, and crosses of the three breeds mentioned. It is unusual to see other Standard Poodles (especially one in a continental clip!). We are so very proud of her accomplishments in this highly competitive sport.

List of Awards:

Appalachian Air Canines,
Reserve Novice Champion (2016)

Mid-Atlantic Disc Dogs,
Novice Freestyle Reserve Champion (2016)


If it flew, Miquette ran after it, earning a hunting instinct title.

No fear of gunfire.

Unfortunately when it was our turn at a hunting trial, it started to rain. The photographer put his camera away, so we do not have any action shots, but plenty of wonderful memories.

List of Awards:

Poodle Club of America, Upland Hunting Instinct

Lure Coursing

Running speed was timed at 27.9 MPH during the intial lure coursing trials. It may actually be faster now! Miquette loves to run!

Good Manners / Canine Good Citizen

Poodles are so Smart!