Puppy Care

General Care Guidelines & Recommendations

  1. Standard poodles require regular human interaction and grooming which is not conducive to kennel environments.

  2. Auralie strongly encourages that the puppy be taken to training/socialization classes.  This can only benefit both owner and puppy, enriching the lives of all involved.  We strongly encourage that you work your puppy in some type of performance discipline such as obedience, agility, rally  and strives to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test as a minimum.

  3. Vaccines are very controversial. Vaccines are good given at the correct dosages and type; but, may seriously compromise overall health if too many boosters are given. Leptosporosis and Coronavirus vaccines are not recommended. Auralie recommends a minimum of four weeks between vaccines, including rabies. Auralie recommends the prospective owner research vaccine protocols to determine what is necessary and use titers to determine levels of antibodies. Rabies shots are not optional however and must be administered per local law.

  4. Auralie recommends feeding high quality kibble in combination with a well-balanced raw diet. Slowly introduce new foods into the diet to avoid stomach upset.

  5. Prior to any visit to the veterinarian, dog shows, vaccines, Auralie recommends providing probiotics.

  6. One of the most important health items for your dog is to brush its teeth. Started at an early age, this task is very simple and vital for overall health.

  7. We would love to know how our puppies are doing and receive updates on performance events. Please keep in touch.

  8. Puppies and dogs should not be kept within a crate for a long period of time but it is important they be crate trained in the event of an emergency. Crating a dog during car rides is better than leaving them loose or using shoulder restraints.

  9. Microchips are very valuable.

  10. License your puppy according to local laws.